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  • Stones of Rome Stones of Rome Help James puzzle his way through 60 levels of unique match3 riddles to recover and reassemble all pieces of the map reach the surface and reunite with his tour group Curious James wanders away from his tour group as they explore the catacombs below Rome. At first it seems like hes on his own special adventure but then he realizes that hes lost and alone. Just when it couldnt get any worse it does a pesky monkey rips up his map and leads him ever deeper into the depths of the caverns Like a Gamer 1 day ago report
  • Pokemon Hollow Mysteries Pokemon Hollow Mysteries This story takes place in the Ontak region, a forgotten land in the Pokémon world. From outside it looks like a peaceful town, but it's not... An underground war is taking place! Help a young trainer born during a stormy night bring peace back by fighting other pokémon masters. Good luck! MiniPlay 2 days ago report
  • Lego City: Volcano Interactive Video Lego City: Volcano Interactive Video Help the Lego scientists explore volcanic areas and clear this epic adventure! MiniPlay 2 days ago report
  • Recall Beyond Recall Beyond You've managed to travel back in time, but all you got is a nice headache... Get ready for a thrilling horror game -- try to escape from the place where you're locked! Plan your moves carefully with the items around you and find a way out. MiniPlay 2 days ago report
  • Faraway: Puzzle Escape Faraway: Puzzle Escape Enjoy this first-person adventure where you can explore ancient ruins while solving puzzles and facing challenges. Travel deserts and visit mysterious former civilizations... Will you unveil their secrets? MiniPlay 2 days ago report
  • Gauntlet Gauntlet Gauntlet is a true classic! Choose your character amongst a warrior, a wizard, a valkyrie or an elf taking their unique stats into account. Get ready to face ghosts, demons, magicians and thieves! MiniPlay 2 days ago report
  • RuneScape RuneScape RuneScape has been considered the most popular MMORPG in the world by the Guinness World Records. Enter a fantasy world full of magic and adventure -- fight evil gods, destroy powerful dragons and crush legendary creatures. Become a legend yourself by completing quests, developing your skills and winning dozens of battles. Glory, bounties and enemy hordes are waiting for you here! MiniPlay 2 days ago report
  • Space Trip Space Trip Just tap on the screen to make the spaceman fly, Avoid the obstacles! Try your best score.Have fun! 4J 3 days ago report
  • Five Nights at The HQ [Remastered] Five Nights at The HQ [Remastered] Enjoy this remastered version of "Five Night at Freddy's"! Try to survive every night controlling a security guard doing the night shift. Beware of the evil animatronics -- watch the security cameras to find where they are! MiniPlay 3 days ago report
  • Zombie Society: Dead Detective Walls Can Bleed Zombie Society: Dead Detective Walls Can Bleed In a near future, zombies have taken over the world and established their own society. Meet Margh, a private detective who wakes up from his grave every morning in order to solve mysteries and crimes. Join him as he questions suspects, looks for clues and finds the perpetrator! Don't choose the wrong zombie! MiniPlay 3 days ago report
  • Mental Incremental Mental Incremental Join a restless fight against evil ghosts! Grab your sword and get rid of your enemies. Purchase upgrades and skills reinvesting your coins and stay safe. MiniPlay 3 days ago report
  • The Crazy Climber The Crazy Climber Try to climb the mountain as quickly as possible without running into any obstacles. 8iz 5 days ago report
  • Adventure Of Arctic Adventure Of Arctic In Adventure Of Arctic, you need to escape from the Artic Fox. The only way to escape from the Artic Fox is to find the hidden key. Where is the key? Find the hidden objects and solve some puzzles, you will see it. Have fun! 4J 6 days ago report
  • Adventures Of Mouse Black And White Adventures Of Mouse Black And White In Adventures Of Mouse Black And White, You are locked inside a house. The only way to escape from this house is to find the hidden clues to open the door. Find useful objects around the house and solve puzzles. Good Luck and have fun. 4J 6 days ago report
  • Gem Adventure Gem Adventure Join Chaz in his adventure into the ruins of an ancient civilization, tap on groups of gems to earn score. Activate power-ups and gain levels as the game gets more challenging and rewarding. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Mahjong Adventure Mahjong Adventure Play the ancient Chinese game of Mah Jong in this free online game! The object of the game is to clear the playfield by matching pairs of tiles. This sounds easy, but of course there is a problem: You can only choose from those tiles, that are free, which means that the lie on the edge of a row. In this adventure style game you guide the young sorceress through forty increasingly challenging levels that guarantee fun for hours and hours. If you manage to solve the puzzles fast as lightning you will be rewarded with up to three stars for each level. Do you manage to get all of them? MyGame 6 days ago report
  • The Adventures of Red The Adventures of Red Help Red find his way through the castle and the challenges it presents in search of a chocolate muffin. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Kids Puzzle Adventure Kids Puzzle Adventure Go with us on a puzzle journey! Visit a farm, dive into the ocean or explore the prehistoric age and discover which animals and objects are hidden in the pictures. This cute puzzle is the perfect game for kids to improve their shape recognition abilities. Different, child-oriented settings also help learn new words and have fun in imaginary worlds. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Adventure Of Water Drop Adventure Of Water Drop This sweet little drop will return home. Back to his mother, the ocean. These small droplet, however, is restrained by earth and stone. Can you clear this out of the way? Then the little drop can go home. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Van Adventure Van Adventure Enjoy the fun with our new hippie minivan game with an 70's environment. Your task is to get the minivan to the finish line the fastest you can. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Monster Truck Adventure 3D Monster Truck Adventure 3D Travel around the world in your monster truck, try to win the race against the best rivals. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Safari Adventure Safari Adventure Catch the stars with your monster trucks! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Bob's Midnight Adventure Bob's Midnight Adventure Little boy Bob likes fairytales very much, though, he likes adventures even more! Once, having read many books, he decided to head for a night adventure in order to find the chrystal skull. Is not it a dream? Help Bob in his adventure and find out all the truth! Find out what the differences are and click on the details to earn lots of points. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Jeep Big Adventure Jeep Big Adventure Take the Jeep Patriot offroad in this cool 3d racing game! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Bike Adventure Bike Adventure Really challenging trial game. Try to gather all gold and reach the last finish sign. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Big Truck Adventures 1 Big Truck Adventures 1 Step in this huge truck and ride the extreme hills! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Big Truck Adventures 2 Big Truck Adventures 2 Do you have the skills to deliver the goods? MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Splashy Adventure Splashy Adventure Splashy Adventure is a fast arcade game in which you collect coins and have to avoid attackers. There are two islands and the cute little fish has to swim in between them and collect treasures near the boat bridges. That sounds easy, right? It certainly would be if it weren't for the predatory fishes that are out to get you. With a single click or tap you can change the direction in which the fish is going and use this to avoid any contact with fishes of prey. If you swim right into them you will not only lose the game but also the cute little fish will get eaten. Play Splashy Adventure now for free and try to escape as long as possible! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Need for Adventure Need for Adventure Ride your motorbike, collect all the stars and go to the next level. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Adventure Biker Adventure Biker Can you survive every level motor trail? Try to jump over all the obstacles and use your nitro boosts to pick the most difficult jumps. You can upgrade your engine and you should always buy extra nitro boosts in being able to get past the most difficult obstacles! Good luck! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Adventure Bike Adventure Bike Adventure Bike is now available on browser! Jump onto your Bike and ride the hills, don't let you biker hit the ground! Reach the end of each level within the time limit to get two stars, do a flip to get the 3rd, can you get all the stars? MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Zoe's Sub Adventure Zoe's Sub Adventure Help Zoe run her Grandpa's sandwich store over the summer. You'll have lots of different customers demanding the best service and willing to tip well for it. Pay attention to their orders, though. The customers hate having to repeat them! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Point Adventure Point Adventure Are you looking for a nice little adventure game to go through with ease? Point Adventure is not such a game. This endless scrolling arcade game is fast paced and hard. Really hard. And mean. You control a circle with two orbs on the opposite sites and you have to move the circle through obstacles. You are able rotate the circle while it constantly moves upwards. If one of the orbs crashes into an obstacle you lose. How far will you be able to go? Are you able to handle the frustration of crashing time and again? Will you set the record or will you have walk away in shame? Accept the challenge and play Point Adventure now for free! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • River Adventure River Adventure Go on an epic boat trip with River Adventure the fast paced arcade game. Avoid rocks and bring your boat safely down the stream. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Forest Adventure Forest Adventure Help the cute teddy to walk safely through the forest in Forest Adventure one of the most engaging and fascinating games. Protect the teddy by avoiding other animals in the forest, spikes on the ground and being hit by the revolving gate. Use the gold you collect on your way to continue the game when you lose or to buy boosters such as: an extra life, a shield that protects you, a warp power up and power up that slows the time and makes it much easier to avoid all the dangers. These boosters will help you reach your distance goal as well as gold collected goal. How far can the teddy go in the forest without getting hurt? Are you up for the challenge? MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Pac Adventure Pac Adventure A slightly strange combination between Pacman and a puzzle game where you have to collect garlic to kill Dracula and find the key to the next level. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • John Does Adventure John Does Adventure Lean forward and backwards in your mining cart as you grab gems to complete each level. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Flappy Bird Forest Adventure Flappy Bird Forest Adventure Help Flappy Bird through the dangerous forest, complete the amazing adventure! Have fun! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Ice Cream Adventure Ice Cream Adventure It's hot out. Stop your be loved ice cream from melting in the hot sun by staying beneath the clouds. Watch out for enemies, they'll try and hurt you! Hurt them back by jumping on them. To progress further, listen to Erik and recover his items for the far end of the beach (left). MyGame 6 days ago report
  • FallDown Adventure FallDown Adventure Ready? Set? Go! Concentrate and make sure you fall down as far as possible. Grab each coin you can, because then you'll score bonus points. MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Bounce Adventure Bounce Adventure Help little jelly to travel through the forest! Avoid of spikes, collect coins, buy new jellies, unlock new levels! MyGame 6 days ago report
  • Pirate Golf Adventure Pirate Golf Adventure Pass the golf ball through eight unique and lovingly courses enriched with an exciting and romantic story. MyGame 6 days ago report
Showing 1 - 42 of 35,445 for 'Adventure'